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   A new study contends that cheap Chinese imports and the loss of manufacturing jobs in the U.S. has contributed to a decline in marriage rates that other kinds of employment may not fully make up for.




  The intriguing new study published this month by the National Bureau of Economic Research examines how trade shocks to manufacturing jobs in the U.S. affect marriage rates fertility and childhood poverty.


  The results are at times surprising and may bolster the case that the offshoring of manufacturing jobs has damaged the traditional social fabric of American life.


  The study asserts that for every one percent increase in Chinese imports the share of women who are married decreases by about 1.3 percent. As well birth rates drop about four percent and child poverty rates increase by a whopping 12 percent.


  First the study's authors use data from across the U.S. to show that the more people in the workforce are employed in manufacturing the generally higher the marriage rate.


  Conversely the more people who are employed in non-manufacturing jobs the generally lower the marriage rate authors David Autor David Dorn and Gordon Hanson write in their study titled 'When Work Disappears.'

  相反的,越多的劳动力人口从事非制造业,结婚率就越低。作者David Autor、David Dorn 和Gordon Hanson在他们的研究“当工作消失时”里写道。

  The economists put forward a potentially uncomfortable but fascinating explanation for this phenomenon: trade shocks to manufacturing jobs have reduced the wage gap between men and women.


  'Shocks that compress the gender earnings differential in a local market reduce the attractiveness of men as potential spouses thus reducing fertility and especially marriage rates' they write. And 'male manufacturing jobs earn higher industry wage premia than female manufacturing jobs.'


  In other words women are more likely to marry when there are plenty of single men around who earn more money than they do and manufacturing jobs tend to employ more men and pay them higher wages than women.


  The study's authors find the converse is true: when wages are more equal between the genders fewer women marry or have children though a higher percentage of those who do have children have them out of wedlock.



  mrtri Amsterdam Netherlands moments ago

  clinton made it possible


  wellthatsinteresting phoenix United States 1 hour ago

  Just wait until 3D printing technology gets going...


  Patty Pat Any City United States 1 hour ago

  Seems sort of like common sense to me. But I guess it is nice to have a study to back up all the anecdotal evidence that this is true. But it would seem that it only holds true for responsible Americans. There are whole segments of America that do not take economic conditions (the ability to provide for their offspring) into consideration when having kids.


  Hibbing one of them United States 1 hour ago

  Funny how the press was not interested in the working man for the last eight years. Next they will discover that there are all these homeless people.


  orion1980 scottsdale United States 1 hour ago

  what an IDIOT STUDY!!!....this is pure COMMON SENSE...you dilute and destroy the economic base and it will ripple across the entire society...including marriage!!.....crappy products no products no local manufacturing high un-employment low motivation and psychological damage from a worsening economy.... THANKS TO GREEDY BUSINESSES......its all BAD!


  justsomedude yabbadabbadoo Germany 1 hour ago

  Women don't want a scrub...


  abe.normal Jupiter Åland Islands 2 hours ago

  women wants to get married ... men wants to stay single ...


  Magic Pat Indian Harbour Beach United States 3 hours ago

  after WWII the USA way of trading with its partners was you buy from us but we will not buy from you. This hurt Engalnd and Europe. China is not to blame. The problem is we have a mechanized robot industrymost people will not get degrees in industry's that are successful today there is a great shortage in electrical and mechanical engineering . Get a degree in careers that are doing well.Most company's have outsourced their services overseas and last of all the world in how we buy things have changed to buying on line instead of buying in stores that hire employees. Do not blame China


  reality truth lehigh valley United States 2 hours ago

  You are so wrong. I was in an American business where all of the American generated technology was transferred overseas. Most of the very well trained and still highly skilled older engineers were canned and H1-B replacements were brought in. These guys were made to work unreasonable hours where there was no balance between family life and work. The product quality was reduced but it didn't matter. The product lines were all moved overseas and many still great engineers went scrambling to find jobs leaving behind life long friends and family and familiar environment. This has been going on for over 20 years. I am still and engineer for decades and I work hard to stay on top but there is an anti-American wall out there


  WRBaq Dallas United States 3 hours ago

  I have been working a blue collar trade for 15 years now.My salary is about 50000 a year. Very long hours.I got bored of this job and tried to find something else here in Dallas/Fort Worth.I am told the economy here is very good.Without a college degree all I could find was 10.00 an hour jobs.So I had to go back to my old job.Will have to go to school to change careers.It is very hard out there for people who have no college or a trade.


  justsomedude yabbadabbadoo Germany 1 hour ago

  Look into the IT field virtualization i.e. Hyper-V VMware or even Citrix. Azure or even AWS. Better yet SCCM. Learn that and can guarantee you will find work. PC's most PC's from 4 years ago can run either platform.

  尝试一下IT领域的虚拟化技术吧,比如Hyper-V、 VMware甚至Citrix、Azure 或者AWS。最好是SCCM。学会这些可以保证你找到工作。大多数四年前的电脑可以在任意一个平台运行。

  wellthatsinteresting phoenix United States 1 hour ago

  Justsomedude you will find that as you get past 50 learning a new trade becomes difficult... There's the rub...


  AugustVollmer Right Here United States 3 hours ago

  No sense on marriage. Courts give her half when she decides to leave. Financial risk isn't worth it. MGTOW


  justsomedude yabbadabbadoo Germany 1 hour ago

  Meh been through a divorce and the ex received nothing. Had a good attorney. She went for the guard dog and I went for a lamb.


  Momof3girls La Habra Hts. Ca. United States 49 minutes ago

  My sister pays her ex palimony. She is a cardiac O/R nurse with 20 years on the job. She makes 3 figures a year. he was a truck driver who barely made 40g a year. He has retired of his palimony. As more and more women start making good money more men will get palimony.


  SixPackJack Punxsutawney United States 3 hours ago

  More than half of any population lacks the aptitude to make a living as a software engineer robot programmer or other good paying high-tech job. Our economy needs to provide a wide spectrum of jobs suitable for people of all aptitude levels. Sadly the US economy has filled the ranks of lower skilled jobs with illegal immigrants and many high skilled jobs with low-paid H1B visa holders. American citizens and legal residents have been getting squeezed out from top to bottom for the past 20+ years. the globalist elites have fed us a myth that the US is a more advanced economy and needs to focus on the high tech end of the spectrum. It is simply untrue.


  Witzelsucht Los Angeles United States 3 hours ago

  Globalism serves the wealthy as a tacit scheme to return Americans and the world to a 17th Century economic model with a few very wealthy lording it over the masses of poor beneath a small middle class. Hopefully as Karl Marx indicated a revolt of the masses will follow but the globalists will use political correctness as a weapon against this revolution.


  chris Haboob Alley United States 3 hours ago

  Maybe true. People who work manufacturing jobs get used to a regimented lifestyle that marriage works well with it seems. I am a self-employed professional and the idea has not appealed that much to me as it seems it wouldn't add to my life as opposed to costing me more in terms of time and money with benefits that seem readily available. I can cook fairly well myself but meals and home services can be easily purchased; situational impermanent companionship seems sufficient if you know nothing else and freedom of schedule seems the highest priority to me. Still I came from a large family with my parents till together so I don't see anything wrong with that lifestyle so where I disagree with the cause of this is more men's realization that marriage and having kids today is a hazard-filled obligation due to family law in the US. You take on great personal liability to be married as a man in the western world. The juice rarely seems to be worth the squeeze.


  Ben Ghazi69 Las Vegas United States 4 hours ago

  Robot have replaced Rednecks in manufacturing those $25 jobs are not returning.


  Ben Ghazi69 Las Vegas United States 3 hours ago

  No worries there will be plenty of crop gathering and grass cutting jobs available. or dish washing for those who prefer the indoors.


  Lone263 Leduc Canada 2 hours ago

  SNUB lot of out of work white collars to that AI can replace!


  charles007 Chicago United States 4 hours ago

  Dead weight is hard to carry when you are flat broke.


  Rural deplorable

  Lost of factors play into the decline . First is the ongoing disinformation campaign during commercials. Every man in any commercial is shown as a dunce selfish and unable to accomplish anything . Another reason is you are depicted as a second class citizen if you work in .construction trades. Even though you can make 150000 year. Last as long as the cougars keep trolling The the bars the young men will take the easy route for sex



  The West needs to wake up to the damage China is doing to our lives in so many ways. Governments should lead a boycott of Chinese goods. There's plenty of other countries can make products for us. We need to spread the load out over several countries so we do strengthen any country too much. Vietnam Cambodia and Laos can all produce goods very cheaply and none will turn and bite the hand that feeds them the way China does.



  How can you be a man if you can't raise up your family with the things that they need. You are broken inside if you can't


  Lil Ole Betta Fish

  No money no honey no baby. I summarized this entire stupid article in one sentence.



  Blame anyone and anything but ourself



  President Trump says he will stop the cheap import of goods from Countries who use cheap { slave } labour who have zero respect for human life by heavily taxing the owners of these sweatshops taking away the unfair advantage they have over decent American manufacturers. Yet still a lot of you are not behind him?.


  beachbrit -> udo4get

  Explain how you replace the manufacturing infrastructure to enable production of just about anything from furniture to textiles to steel - the trained staff you once had is now working in customer service. The technology has moved on if you're going to build a new plant to make just about anything it would be staffed by robots not warm bodies. You can't reopen a mine at the drop of a hat.


  krackin -> udo4get

  We have a few major industries that are second to none. Pay attention do a little DD and do try to keep up.



  You don't say Brian......!! I wrote about the perils of losing blue collar jobs 25 years ago and predicted all this. How can you marry and have kids with no job and no prospects??



  Trump likes Alibaba founder Jack Ma.


  uncle ruckus

  The ravages of NAFTA. Non existent or low paying minimum wage part time jobs if you are lucky to find one. Thank Bill Clinton.



  Is the Administration now importing chinese women to fill this need?



  Makes a change from blaming Russia ......what ever next to blame others for things that do not go right .